Judy Beagle has a request

Alright, Judy needs some stuff when she gets to come home from the vet:
* dog bed
* blankets
* puppy pads
* menthol cigarettes
* rugs
* rubber bottom baby socks
* soft food
* cheap whiskey

Can anyone help?
Donations needed

Yeah, Judy participated in the selection of items for her wish list. Ahem, you can ignore her input of menthol cigarettes and cheap wiskey. Oh Judy, you’re such a hoot!

Judy: “See kid? I told you to wait before you got all worked up, it’s just a leg. I have three more. I ain’t ready to check outta this old body yet. Dry it up and pet me.”

Me: pets Judy ….

Judy Beagle has osteomyelitis in her swollen leg. The bones are soft, this is from an old fracture that did not heal. Her femur is not affected, thankfully.
Judy will undergo surgery this week to amputate her leg, repair her hernia, and work on her teeth. Her white blood cell count is high even with the antibiotic I’ve given.

It’s bad news but better than the bone cancer that was the other pending diagnosis.

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