Picked up Eleanor from the vet


I picked up Eleanor from the vet this morning and she is at work with me for the day.

Her lower mandible where her lower canines should have been is fractured, probably pathological from no oral care. There is no bone left in that area and what bone she has left in her lower jaw period is extremely soft. The vet said it was pliable with her hand. Nothing can be done to fix that.

Her back right leg is deformed in the area of what I would call her shin. There is thick scarring there and her foot turns inward. The vet said it was probably from a mat a long time ago that got so tight that it cut into the muscle causing permanent damage. There is no open area there currently. Nothing can be done to fix that.

Three mammary tumors were removed. Actually she took the whole chain. Two were sent for testing but the vet is sure it was cancer. Her lung X-ray was clear thankfully.

She had a hernia that was repaired while she was out.

All the teeth she had left were pulled but one upper middle jaw tooth and the only reason they didn’t pull it was because it wasn’t loose and they didn’t want to do anything that wasn’t necessary since her mouth is an issue.

Her regular labs were all within normal limits.

Her thyroid was low so she has been started on Levothyroxine.

4dx was negative.

I’m holding off on vaccines.

Heart is good. Hips are good

Both eyes passed the tear production tests but I’m continuing the rewetting drops because her hair gets stuck to her eyes.

She is getting Meloxicam for pain.

She didn’t eat well at the vet but did for me this morning and drinking great even at the vet.

She was spayed.

Her nails were trimmed.

Mats on her feet were removed.

She goes back next week for a check up and more vetting.

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far toward her medical bill.

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  1. Dea DelGuzzo says:

    I love her. Money & soft food on the way.

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