If only they had responded before she was hit by a car…

Wednesday 4/3/19 2:21 pm

4/5/19 8:36 am

This small female stray beagle (now named Mazel by us) was hit by a car last night. I’m on my way to her now. I was tagged in the dog post a couple days ago and said we could take if not claimed but never heard back. Now the poor dog has been hit by a car and is apparently severely injured.

Unsure of her injuries – “hit bad” is all I have to go on.
Will be rushing to vet.
Donations needed

4/5/19 9:06 am

I have her.
She’s cold and isn’t moving much.
Very sleepy. I have her head propped up on a blanket.
According to her finder she’s had 2 “bad” seizures, was bleeding from her butt, and can’t use her back legs.

She was hit around 1:30 am & the car didn’t stop.

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