Welcome Caspian & Cate to ARTBAR!

Stray claim is up
No one claimed the beagles I found.

Caspian & Cate are officially ARTBAR Beagles


We gotta vet them!
We need $200 each

I worked really hard catching these two, well mostly Caspian lol (Cate came right to me and went to sleep on the heated seat as it was really cold that night) so they would not be eaten by the coyotes. I also gave up my last bit of dignity that night by not only crawling through cow poop on my stomach through a briar thicket while whimpering like a dog to Caspian which is what finally got me close enough to catch him

I also laid in pitch black darkness in the middle of the woods at 1 am – alone- with lunch meat all around me like I was having some kind of human sacrifice to lure the “damn beagle” in.

So please donate
I did my part lol

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