Jackson was hit by a car!

8/16/18 – 10 am – Our vet has put a hold on taking Jackson to OSU. He’s started using the leg, squatting to pee, willingly being walked and going out. Pain is currently being controlled. He will come home tomorrow and stay over the weekend and we’ll see how it goes. For now 2nd surgery is delayed/on hold. Our driver was pulling into the vet’s parking lot to pick him up for the ride to OSU when we got the call to hold off. Thanks Alissa! Vet bill being paid at Cross Lanes today $2,516.85. Thank you ARTBAR supporters! That’s probably not the end of his vetting, but it sure was nice to have that cash ready to pay the bill when it came due. I was stressing big time yesterday thinking about his vet bill.

8/15 – URGENT! Jackson has to go to Ohio State University for an MRI. They are not able to manage his pain and the vet here has done all he can without an MRI. We need to quickly raise $5,000 to go to OSU! Please help! Donations desperately needed: www.artbar-wv.org/donate — More info: If he needs some kind of neuro surgery, that will have to be done at OSU and we’d be looking at a cost of about $7,000 for surgery. We won’t have an estimate or any decision until after he’s had the MRI and been seen by staff at OSU. Jackson still wants to live, so if it’s possible to give him a good quality of life we’re going to shoot for that. Please help us help Jackson!

8/14 – I’ve spoken with Dr.McNeal several times today. He’s frustrated, I’m frustrated, and Jackson is frustrated with his pain level. His pain is neurogenic pain which is apparently the worst kind of pain you can have and the hardest to get under control. The pain medicine has been readily increased over the day without reaching the level of effect we want. He currently has a line in his jugular with a morphine drip around the clock in addition to other pain medication. Dr. McNeal says his demeanor is changing because he anticipates pain. He’s not growling but is tensing up. They catherized him today to empty his bladder at 4 because he had not peed since 12. He’s still eating, is afebrile, and is not impacted. Thursday he will be taken back into surgery to repair the other fractured hip that initially was going to be left to heal on its own. I have asked the hard question. I do not take what kind of pain he’s in lightly. The vet assured me this pain is not forever. We just have to get him past this part.

8/14 – 9:00 am – Jackson’s nurse called this morning and said they were still trying to control his pain, that they were adding another pain medication. I asked about bowel movements and she said since 4 yesterday he had two but they leaked out. I feel like he’s impacted since he won’t bear down and, just like in people, the loose stool moves around the impaction.

8/13 – 4:05 pm – Spoke with Dr. McNeal- he did new X-rays on Jackson and everything looks normal- he said his pain level is definitely not normal. Right now he is changing his pain meds- and seeing how he does with that. Exploratory surgery is on the table and last resort is amputation but the vet thinks it’s a nerve issue.

8/13 – Jackson has been admitted to Cross Lanes for observation over the next few days. Dr. McNeil thinks something may be wrong with his Sciatic nerve and he is also going to look at the other broken hip that he didn’t do surgery on.

8/12 – 10:25 pm – Still no bowel movement even with the Metamucil. I think he hasn’t gone since Wednesday. Still screams when he moves.  I can only get him to stand long enough to pee once a day and when it finally does it’s a flood with an irregular stream. Eats well, drinks decent. Could be better. Still loving attention. Scrotum remains swollen but has improved. He still acts like scrotum and butt is where his pain is coming from. Back to Cross Lanes tomorrow.

8/6 – 11:30 am – Jackson will remain at Cross Lanes Vet Hospital. The long drive there just to have to be taken right back in the morning for the surgery would just be too much on him. Thankfully his vet agreed. His spinal cord had separated from his pelvis and the socket that holds the ball of his femur is completely crushed. Very serious injuries, but look at his sweet face. He is trying so hard and we will be too. The vet said he was run over not just hit by the car. His pain is under control thanks to drugs and he’s resting comfortably according to his doctor. He is standing to pee on his own but still no bowel movement. We are not worried about that though because this vet also thinks it’s just too painful for him to posture. This injury is a few day old and she thinks he’s 2-3 years old, not 5-6.

8/6 – 9:00 am – To fix Jackson at Cross Lanes the estimate is $1,500-2,500. They feel like he needs a couple days to recover before surgery and they won’t keep him there overnight which is a problem. Today he will be transferring to Danville Animal Clinic for the recovery period and, if possible, the surgery.  Dr. Toler will have to review the x-ray and decide if he can do it.  We don’t have this kind of money laying around. We need donations! Yes, I’m in a panic! http://www.artbar-wv.org/donate

8/6 – 7:40 am – Jackson is en route to Crosslanes Vet. Thank you Shane Snyder for running him around!
So far we have $120 for him. This one vet alone overnight was more than $800. Please donate.

8/6 – 1:12 am – Jackson has been admitted.  He has a fractured pelvis and back.  She thinks he was hit by a car and estimates his age at 5-6 years.  They called to see if we wanted to proceed since he would need extensive surgery that they can’t do & I said I did. His blood work was okay, elevated white blood count. He has rectal tone so that’s a good sign but he is constipated. The vet thinks that’s because he can’t posture to go. Tomorrow morning he will be transferring to another vet for assessment for surgery.

Tonight’s estimate is almost $800 . So far we have gotten $105 in donations. Please help!

Thank you Shane Snyder for getting him to the er and transferring him in the morning.

8/6 – 12:06 am update from Shane: He has a broken pelvis and fractured vertebrae. Dew claw torn off. Scrapes. Vet thinks he was hit by car. Approximately 5-6 years old.


8/5/18 – 9 pm – Heading out to look for an injured dog in Logan.

Update: Looks like he was attacked. Has what looks like a big bite mark on his back.

Jackson has been transferred from me to Shane Snyder. He’s en route to the animal hospital in Kanawha County. I got to look at him while waiting on Shane. He has several wounds but none I saw on the side appear to be as bad as his back. He is in a lot of pain and cries or and whines. He never offered to bite even though movement was painful for him. He actually would calm if I petted him.

Emergency vets are not cheap. We urgently need donations http://www.artbar-wv.org/donate

Will update when I have news from the vet.


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