New intakes! Vetting sponsors needed!

Hello Supporters!

We have some new intakes being vetted this week and as usual our funds are dwindling. Jackson’s vetting was over $2,500 so that put quite a ding in our funds. And of course we’ve had other dogs vetted since our last shout out for your help.

These are new intakes headed to the vet within the next week. Actually three of them are going tomorrow. We need $150 in sponsorship money for each from whoever has the spare cash around to help keep this rescue train rolling!

$750 needed!

2 Border Collie mix pups

Boxer mix Millie Jean

Chocolate Lab/Plott Hound mix Mollie Jean

Bichon Frise Fiona

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  1. Holli Mannix says:

    Donating 150 for one of them. Thank you for helping them. I would be a foster for you but I’m 30 min from Parkersburg wv in Marietta Ohio . I have fostered for our local hs and local vets. I know it’s too far. I will just continue helping in my area and support you from a far. You are a godsend to animals in your area.

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