A month ago I was asked by administration to find a facility dog for our sister facility in Logan County, Trinity Healthcare Services of Logan. The dog would have to be everything you imagine you would look for in a dog that would befriending the elderly: easy natured, slower moving, patient, gentle, snuggly but one who also was nonreactive. Nursing homes can be loud and hectic, this dog would have to pass all the tests.

I set off in search of the perfect shelter dog and the minute I stepped into the kennel with a little black mutt, I knew I had found her.

Trinity as I have named her, embodies all the qualities of a good dog. She is so “soft” with her residents, loves to roll over so they can rub her tummy, and has become a special friend to residents that before her rarely came out of their rooms. She handles change, noise, wheelchairs, walkers, and shaky hands with grace.

She’s been here a month now and as I write this she is being walked outside by an elderly gentlemen that spent way too much time to himself. I saw him earlier rubbing her stomach and speaking so gently to her that it brought tears to my eyes.

There will never be a day in Trinity’s life now that she goes without love and affection and she gives as much as she gets. The staff here is crazy about her, the families are welcomed by her, and most importantly the residents are swooned by her.

  Today Rescue has warmed me.   

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